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Hi, my name is Christian Hebert and I am from Caldwell Parish High School. I am currently serving as your 2019-2020 Vice President of Competitive Events. This is my second term as a Louisiana FCCLA State Officer. I am very grateful to serve with eight of the greatest leaders out there. I joined FCCLA as a freshman and learned just how much FCCLA can help you. I was also the very first and only student that year to attend the National Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN from Caldwell Parish High School. My Sophomore year I ran and served as the Northern Region First Vice President and then became interested in running for state office. My Junior year I was the CPHS FCCLA President, Northern Region President, as well as the LA FCCLA State First Vice President. I was at an all time high with FCCLA and I was very grateful to be in the position I was. When I was in elementary and Jr. high I was always doubted for my leadership ability my many. Now I am a role model for many. Going into my Senior year I did not want it all to end. I decided to re-run as a member of the State Executive Council. I was elected as the Vice President of Competitive Events. Make sure to share your STORY because you never know who you will inspire.