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Louisiana is a direct affiliation state. This means both state and national dues are paid directly to the National FCCLA office. The national office then returns the state portion of the dues to the LA-FCCLA.

FCCLA dues are $16 per member ($7.00 for LA state dues + $9 national dues). All Advisers must pay dues.  Members must belong to both the state and the national organizations.

A minimum of 12 members is required to affiliate.

Chapters receive the most benefits from the organization when at least 12 members are affiliated by November 1. Chapters that affiliate by NOVEMBER 1 will be able to:

  • access the Competitive Events Guide
  • receive the Teen Times magazine
  • are eligible to purchase FCCLA items at the affiliated chapter prices
  • begin receiving FACTS Newsletters from Nationals
  • receive State FCCLA Adviser Newsletters


New Chapter Advisers:  Click the “Affiliate Online” button, then click  First Time Chapter Affiliation button to request a new chapter in the system.  Once your state adviser approves the request, you will receive login credentials to affiliate your students.

How to get started:

Watch the video

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