National & State Affiliation- General Information

Students may join FCCLA only in schools with an annually affiliated chapter. Use of the FCCLA name and logo are restricted to those schools who have affiliated with the national organization in the current school year. Chapters must affiliate with National FCCLA by November 1 in order to receive a full year of membership services. Keep in mind November 1 is called the early affiliation deadline; members can be added any time during the school year.

Basic dues to affiliate each school year is $16.00 per person ($9 for national membership and $7.00 for state portion of membership). Local chapters may choose to charge chapter dues in addition to the national/state dues of $16.00.

Louisiana FCCLA is working to create an affiliation package in accordance with the National FCCLA packages. Check back soon for more updates!

Affiliation Process

The national FCCLA Affiliation process is updated each school year and is open August 1. Check the national organizations website for membership information.

FCS Teachers may find these resources useful during affiliation!

  • Why join flyer
  • Impact Sheet
  • 10 Reasons to affiliate

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